The first report was about Rs. 11,500 crore loot by Nirav Modi. Every day the amount is increasing with further loans taken from many banks.  The latest figure is more than Rs. 30,000 crore. Another report says that more than 62,000 crores have been lost to the banks. There seems to be no limit to the loot.

And where is Nirav Modi? He was in Davos in Switzweland  for a meeting along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as per reports and photo published. But he is not traceable now according to the Government. Wonderful!

Why he was not arrested when the report of the loot was with the government a few weeks back? Why he was given the opportunity to leave the country? Somebody jokingly asked whether Nirav Modi left the country in the same plane along with Prime Minister to Davos?

Many questions are to be answered both by UPA and NDA governments since it is stated that the scam started in the UPA government period and continued for 4 years NDA period with out any action.  The people have a right to know.