Either the BJP government has gone mad or it has forgotten the people who elected it.  As per the recommendation of the NITI Ayog (better call it ANITI Ayog) the government is moving to privatise PSUs, one after another, whether profitable or not. It is acting as per the orders of the corporate houses.

The latest is the decision to sell Dredging Corporation of India (DCI), which is a Mini Ratna PSU and has been profitable all these years since its formation in 1976. It is functioning in a crucial sector – ‘To provide integrated dredging and related marine services for promoting the national and international maritime trade, beach nourishment, reclamation, inland dredging, environmental protection and to become a global player in the field of dredging.’

Instead of making it a global player, Modi government is on the move to sell it at a paltry sum of Rs.1,400 crores. The assets of the DCI alone will come to more than Rs. 5,000 crore with its many dredgers and other equipment. Kochi Port has been its beneficiary since the charges of the DCI are very less compared to the private companies in the dredging  sector. There are hundreds of workers engaged in the DCI and they along with their unions are completely opposed to privatisation. Many agitations have already taken place.  A massive march to the head office was organised on 10th January at Kochi. Despite this opposition, government is on move to implement its sinister plan.

We fully support the agitation of the workers and demand the Central government to backtrack from the move to privatise this valuable PSU.