The March to Sanchar Bhawan, the head quarters of Department of Telecom, on 23rd February 2018 called by the All unions and Associations of BSNL is a timely decision. BSNL is fully owned by DOT and it has got full responsibility to ensure the rights of the workers as well as the improvement of BSNL. Instead, DOT and Government are moving to weaken the PSU and hand over the same to the private corporates. Formation of a separate Tower company with the 70,000 and odd BSNL towers is intended to disable BSNL from its effective functioning. There is no indication of the wage revision due to the workers from 0-01-2017, though one year has passed.

Sustained struggle is the correct path for the workers to achieve their demands. Make the programme a big success. AIBDPA and BSNLCCWF have extended solidarity and support and will participate in the programme. Saving BSNL and ensuring settlement of wage and pension revision is necessary for their advance.