PAME, the central union of Greece has called upon the entire workers to organise a strike on 12th January 2018 against the anti-workers decisions of the government, cutting the wages etc. The Circular issued by PAME is given below: AIBDPA support and extend solidarity to the strike.

“PAME Calls the Unions, the National Federations, the Regional Trade Union Centers to join the Strike
action all over Greece against the new antiworkers’ bill forwarded by the Government on Friday January
Against this new attack PAME has called for General Strike on Friday, January 12. Dozens of
National Workers’ Federations, Regional Trade Union Centers and Trade Unions have already
responded to the call.
The GSEE-ADEDY (members of ETUC in Greece) and their unions have refused to call for Strike, so
as to give time to the Government to abolish workers’ basic rights.
The new bill includes a series of antiworkers’ measures (abolition of any protection of
workers’ homes so as to be auctioned by the banks, new taxes, etc) as well as imposition of new
laws on trade union action and organization aiming to ban our right to go on strike.
The class trade unions are organizing a series of actions to strengthen workers’ response to the new
attack and prepare massive participation to the strike under the Slogan “Hands off! From our Right to Go
On Strike”
On Tuesday January 9 the class unions of Athens held a militant demonstration and protest to
the Ministry of Labour. When the Minister of Labor refused to meet with delegation of the class unions
the workers entered the Ministry with force, hanged banners to the building, naming it “Ministry of
Employers-European Union and IMF” and not of the labor. The protest forced the Minister to meet with
delegation of the Unions, who demanded the cancelation of the bill that bans workers’ right to go on
strike. The Minister refused to withdraw the bill and slandered the class unions.”