Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is one of the biggest PSUs of the Government of Kerala. It is running thousands of buses through out Kerala as also to nearby states like Karnataka and T.Nadu. It has got thousands of committed workers, who want to serve the people. It has got strong unions of workers. The LDF government is giving all assistance to KSRTC. It has got multi-floor buildings in many important cities in the state which can be given for rent. Kerala people like PSU and will support any action for improvement of the same.

Then why is it running on loss? The Management as well as the workers and the government have to sit together and find out why it is in loss? Where is the hitch which make the PSU loss making? An action plan for improving and making KSRTC profitable or at least no-profit , no-loss basis should be achieved.

Kerala LDF government has made many impossible things in to possible. Why not in the case of KSRTC?