WFTU Statement dated 02-01-2018

“We Denounce Israel For The Persecution Of A 16year Old Palestinian Girl
The Youth Secretariat of PAME denounces the murderer-state of Israel, which, once again
revealed its barbarous face by arresting and imprisoning young children simply because they
are defending their homes.
The arrest and charging with12 accusations against 16-year-old Palestinian Ahed Tammini,
from an Israeli military court, is one more proof for all those who, together with the USA and
Israel, talk about “Democracy and Freedom,” and imposing their “right” with military courts,
imprisonment and murder of young children. It is a proof against the SYRIZA-ANEL
government, which speaks of Peace and stability in the region, and builds relations with
murderer states like Israel, which imprisons and murders young children, while the SYRIZAANEL
Government continues to refrain from recognizing the Palestinian state.
The imprisonment of 16-year-old Palestinian is an attack against any young person struggling
for his right to education, to work. It is an attack on the right of every young person to live in his
country without imperialist interventions and wars.
The struggle of the Palestinian people for their children to live freely, in their own state with
East Jerusalem as capital, is also a struggle for the young workers of Greece.
We express our solidarity with the Palestinian youth struggling against Israeli occupation and
demand the immediate release of the 16-year-old and her family. We are strengthening our
Solidarity with the Palestinian people”