Cuban Revolution under the leadership of Fidel Castro and his guerrilla comrades including Che Guivera and Raul Castro succeeded on 1st January 1959, liberating the country from the dictatorship of Batista, who ran away to Dominican Republic.

During the last 59 years, Communist Cuba had to face many challenges including the economic blockade imposed by US and certain other countries. US made several attempts to murder Fidel Castro, but failed. The then USSR defeated the  move of US to attack Cuba. After the collapse of USSR, Cuba had to face several crises, but came out successfully.

After Fidel Castro vacated the post of President, Raul Castro became the President. Che Guivera, the revolutionary, left the post of Minister and went to Bolivia to lead the revolutionary struggle but was caught and murdered in cold blood.   He lives as the eternal revolutionary in the  minds of crores and crore of young people as their  icon. 

Cuba has lighted the torch of socialism and communism in Latin America, which is getting more and more support from nearby countries. Many left of the centre governments have come in to existence.

Communist Cuba had already achieved many laurels for its best health system, governance etc., despite continued blockade.

My Hearty Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Cuban people on this Revolution Day!