Com. K.Mohanan, Circle Secretary BSNLEU, Kerala Circle, Working President of Kerala CCLU and a militant leader of the working class, retired from BSNL today, 30th November 2017, on superannuation. He entered the service in 1980 and completed 37 years of excellent service to the people and the workers.
Com.K.Mohanan was elected as the Circle Secretary in 2006 and led a lot of struggles of the BSNL employees and is the nerve centre of co-ordinating all the unions/association in BSNL for struggle. He was victimised several times for trade union activities. Even on the last day of his service, a case was filed in the CAT Ernakulam by some persons, seeking non-sanction of his pension and pensionary benefits, but it was naturally turned down by the CAT.

A good orator and an organiser, he could strengthen the BSNLEU in Kerala and ensured a very good majority in all the membership verifications.

My Best Wishes to Com. Mohanan with the hope that he will continue and expand his trade union activities and public service.