Demonetisation, GST, criminal daily increase of price of petrol and monthly increase of the price of cooking gas – the Modi Government is on a mad spree of attack against the people. The fact that BJP had got brute majority in the Parliament is no justification for the criminal assault on the livelihood of the people.  They have to remember that they got only 31% of the total votes, meaning that the others are against.

On the other hand, lakhs of crores of rupees are subsidized to the corporates through various measures. Mukesh  Ambani has become the richest person in the continent with the full support of the Modi Government. Was not Prime Minister Modi the brand ambassador in the full page news paper advertisement for the Reliance Jio inauguration?

The people have to react and react sharply. Gujarat and Utterakhand People have got the chance now to show BJP their anger against the attack on the people.