Comrade K.R.Yadav, senior leader and Vice-President of BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF retired from BSNL service on superannuation on 31st October 2017 from Lucknow.

Com.K.R.Yadav grew up up as a strong trade union leader under the guidance of the veteran leader Com. R.S.Yadav, long time Circle Secretary E.III, U.P. and former Vice-President of NFPTE. In the 1991 Bhopal All India Conference, he played a dominant role in the victory of Com Moni Bose – V.A.N.Namboodiri as General secretary and President.

U.P. was one northern circles, which always stood with the progressive section of K.G.Bose group. The first Conference after the Formation Conference of BSNLEU at Visakhapatanam was held at Lucknow in which Com Yadav played a prominent role.

A powerful speaker and a close associate of the workers, Com. K.R.Yadav  played  an important position in the all India Union. The K.R.Yadav – R.K.Mishra (Circle Secretary UP East ) team has strengthened BSNLEU in the circle.

We are hopeful that he will not only continue in the union activities, but also will utilise his knowledge and experience for the benefit of the common people.

Hearty Congratulations and Best Wishes to Com. K.R.Yadav!