BSNL employees under the leadership of ‘All Unions and Associations’ in BSNL, has started a series of agitational programmes demanding wage revision from 01-01-2017 and also against formation of separate tower company. The second demand is for saving BSNL and the first is for doing justice to the hard working employees, who have flown the flag of BSNL high and strong.
THE FIRST PROGRAMME WAS ORGANISED TODAY, 16th OCTOBER BY HOLDING MASSIVE DEMONSTRATIONS IN FRONT OF BSNL OFFICES/EXCHANGES. Despite the anti – BSNL stand of the government and the cut-throat competition by the biggest corporate in the country, Reliance, BSNL continues to march ahead only with the whole hearted dedication of the workers and the management. The stand of the DOT and the Communications Minister denying wage revision is not acceptable. The justifications for the wage revision have been fully submitted to the DOT and government by the Unions and Associations.

The government should not forget that despite its decision to disinvest and sell shares of BSNL, it could not be implemented due to the strong opposition of the workers. It is the same with the VRS which the government wanted for one lakh workers. The latter completely rejected VRS. The government could not implement its decision to unbundle its copper cables before the strong protest of the workers. Though the management and the government tried to deny a decent wage revision to employees w.e.f. 01-01-2007, through continuous struggles, they could achieve the same. This is the glorious history of BSNL workers.

If the government/DOT/Management do not concede the demands, the entire BSNL workers will be on war path. Unity and further unity is required to win the big battle. If no wage revision takes place, the future of the existing employees, the present and future pensioners and the BSNL direct recruitees will be bleak. Hence not only the employees, but the pensioners also have to completely join the struggle being organised by the workers. Of course, the government need not wait for grant of pension revision to the BSNL pensioners on the basis of the III PRC, since the pension is fully paid by the government and not the BSNL.