While inaugurating the Indian Telephone Industries (ITI), one of the first PSUs in the country in 1950, then Prime Minister Jawharlal Nehru said that the Public Sector Units are the temples of modern India, focusing on their importance.

Now the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reported to have stated that ‘ all the PSUs are born to die.’ And in fact the government  is killing the same one after another with out waiting for them to die.

Bajpai Government stated earlier that ‘Business is not the business of the government’ and started selling the PSUs. The UPA government was also on the same line.

In a few years, there is the possibility that all the PSUs will be killed / or handed over to the private, unless the struggle is intensified against this anti-nation anti-people corporate capitalistic policy.

United Struggle and massive campaign are required at the earliest. The decision of the Central trade Unions to organise Maha Dharna at Parliament with lakhs of workers from all parts of the country  is well appreciated. More and more section of workers and people are joining against the anti-people government policy.