The WFTU celebrating its foundation day and International Action day of October 3,2017 which is dedicated this year to the Immigrants and Refugees, has visited the refugee camp in the area of Ritsona, 100 km far from Athens and met with the Syrian Refugees families.

The WFTU delegation headed by its General Secretary George Mavrikos and the WFTU Vice President Haidar Ibrahim, Head of General Union of Palestine Workers who is officially visiting WFTU on its Anniversary day, and the Vice President of WFTU TUI Education-FISE, Soula Lampoudi, have met with the Syrian refugees and have offered 600 notebooks and 50 basket balls, footballs etc to the children of all ages.

The children are always children! They immediately showed their excitement and joy; they forgot their suffering for a while and they did what children should do: playing, enjoying and sharing with friends.

The WFTU never forgets its founding principles and reaffirms its internationalism, human feelings and solidarity in practice with our class brothers and sisters of the whole world.

We continue this legacy of joint struggles with immigrants and refugees and we fight for a tomorrow with no wars and exploitation of man by man!