It is reported that the Government has decided to close down 12 out of its 17 Government of India Presses. It is to be mentioned here that the decision is against the recommendations of the Standing Committee of Parliament consisting of 32 M.P.s of different parties. It is understood that the government rejected the committee recommendations and decided to close down.

Day after day the BJP government at the centre is closing down/privtising / selling PSUs and implementing the capitalist corporate agenda, as demanded by the MNCs and Indian corporates. Already 17 lakhs job has been lost due to demonetization etc and the closure will result in further loss of jobs.

Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers have called upon all C-O-Cs and Affiliates to organise protest demonstrations at all Centers and Dharnas in front of all Government of India Presses and send resolutions to Prime Minister.

Our full support and solidarity to the fighting comrades!