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The World Federation of Trade Unions expresses its solidarity with its affiliated organization, the FNIC-CGT, for its decision to mobilize massively and strike on September 12th.

We fully support their call to strengthen the struggle in the coming days and we openly call on the working class of France to intensify its struggles against the anti-labor policies of the new and old governments.

The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing 92 million workers in the five continents of the world, extends its solidarity to the working class and the people of France and calls them to continue their struggle against the antilaboral policies of the EU and the French government. Their aim is to intensify the exploitation of workers in order to increase the profits of capitalism.

The WFTU joins its voice with the workers of France who demand the respect of their just rights against the assaults of the anti-labor policy of the European Union and its governments, which attacks with the same brutality the workers in all the countries .

The working class  in each country, organized in its militant, class, democratic, internationalist trade unions and in social alliance with poor peasants, self-employed workers, youth movements and women, has the power to reverse this policy and open the way for an alternative, in favor of peoples, a world without exploitation and without capitalist barbarism, a world of prosperity and peace.