WFTU Statement on the Right of Refugee Children to Education is given below:

12 Sep 2017 REFUGEES
The UN High Commission for Refugees announced that more than 3,5 million refugee children did not have the opportunity to go to schools this year. Almost 1,5 million refugee children didn’t go to primary schools, while another 2 million of them can’t go to secondary schools.

The continuing humanitarian crisis of the refugees and displaced persons is the result of the imperialistic conflicts and wars. The capitalistic contradictions are solved through wars where the peoples are always the losers, regardless of who will prevail over the other among the imperialists.

Based on this the WFTU calls upon for:

The abolishment of the Dublin Regulation and the Schengen Treaty, the Frontex and all repressive mechanisms.
Stop the measures of the European Union for the repression at the borders.
End now the imperialist interventions of EU-USA-NATO.
Direct transfer of the refugees from the islands and the entry points to the countries of their final destination.
Increase of the personnel and the infrastructure for the rescue, record-identification, housing, feeding, medical care and safe transfer of these people.
Creation of dignified centers of welcoming and hospitality.
Recognition of the right to education for all refugee children.