It was on 11th September in 1973 that Salvador Allende, the Socialist / Communist leader, President of Chile, was murdered by the military junta headed by August Pinochet with the full support of the United States. Allende was elected as the President of Chile in 1970. He implemented people friendly decisions, including nationalisation of industries and collectivisation. This created big rift with the United States and other capitalist states. With the help of the military junta headed by Pinochet the Le Monde Palace was surrounded and he was shot dead there. His last speech before being murdered will be remembered long by the Chilean people and the whole world.The military junta that took over dissolved the Congress of Chile, suspended the Constitution, and began a persecution of alleged dissidents, in which thousands of Allende’s supporters were kidnapped, tortured, and murdered. US gave full support to the junta.
This was a dark chapter in the history of Chile till Pinochet was removed in 1990. A big statue of Salvador Allende has been installed later at Palacio de le Moneda, in the capital.