On the occasion of the visit of French President Macron to Greece, PAME issued the
following statement:
The “growth” of the profits of business groups, the competitiveness of capital requires the
attack on workers’ rights and gains. Therefore, irrespective of the country and the political label
of each government, European Union and the political parties of the capital promote antiworkers’
reforms that target to reduce wages, pensions etc., and at the same time to put
obstacles (if not to totally ban) in the Collective Action and Demands of Workers, in the trade
union rights and freedoms of the working class.
Either with memorandums or without, the antiworkers’ attack across Europe is unified, lasting
and continuous.
At the time when the SYRIZA government of Greece repeats the fairy tail of the “Fair
Growth”, utilizing the visit of French President Macron, it is important to look at some indicative
measures that are promoted in France, against which the working class of France goes on
strike on September 12.
 In the name of facing unemployment, the government of Macron promotes the reduction
of compensations in dismissals.
 Servicesare being reformed to the most reactionary for the workers, e.g. reduction of the
time limits for the workers’ appeals against the employers, as well as which dismissals
will be classified as “fair” or “unfair”.
 At the same time, the reforms give companies more power to adjust working hours and
wages to market conditions on the basis of agreements between employers and workers
which are validated by a simple majority.
 As it happens also in Greece, it is paved the way for further undermining of Collective
Agreements through the essential abolition of Collective Bargaining in businesses which
employ up to 50 employees. In these enterprises the employers will create “workers’
associations” to sign contracts “freely”, without the workers’ trade unions to be involved.
This is the continuation of previous antiworkers’ reform which already allowed business
contracts to be signed with worse terms – for the workers- than the sectoral agreements.
All these antiworkers’ measures come after the announcement of the French government to
reduce taxation for businesses from 33% to 25%.
We call the working class and its trade unions to prepare our response in workplaces and
sectors against the antiworkers’ policy and the attack of the capital which is implemented unified
by the governments of all colors across Europe.
We express our solidarity with the workers’ strike in France on September 12.