Now it has been completely exposed that the demonetisation ordered by the Modi Government is an utter failure on all the goal posts mentioned by the Prime Minister. Neither black-money could be unearthed, black-marketeers caught, nor any terrorist group captured. Neither it could digitalise the entire nation.

What demonetisation achieved is something else. It put the entire country and especially the common people to great miseries due to shortage of cash for day to day expenses, arranging functions, marriage ceremonies, studies of children, treatment of sick people and so on. It resulted in closure of so many small business and small traders. It took about 30 lives, people who died standing on the long queue for hours together to get a few thousands of cash. The GDP has gone down drastically. Of course, it benefitted the BJP in putting black money in to banks in the last moment with prior knowledge , helped the corporate house to increase their business by destroying the small groups etc. The multinational corporates like Master Card and Visa also profitted due to the increase of ATM use, since a portion of the using charges go to them.

After demonetisation, we are where we were. One comparison can be with the capital shifting of Mohammed-Bin Tuglak from Delhi and return to Delhi itself. It is told that he was foolish and realised his mistake later. But not so Modi. The Prime Minister continues to praise and defend the demonetisation, despite it being an utter failure.