Whether in English or even in Indian languages, the word ‘black’/ similar word in the respective language, is used to denote some thing wrong, ugly, useless, brute, low standard and so on. black list, black money, black law, black Art, black Knight, blacksmith blackmail, black out, black sheep, black leg, black Monday, black mark, black English etc. are some of these words.

What is the justification to defame the ‘black’ thus? ‘Black’ is one colour just like others. But it is the colour of the Africans, the Dravidians etc. who have been conquered by the whites. It is used to humiliate the conquered. And the colour itself became part of this humiliation through centuries. Lord Krishna, though black, is mentioned only as blue in Bhagavatham and other epics, as it will be something derogatory.

It is time to change this humiliation of black and black people. ‘Black’ colour is to be treated as any other colour and all the derogatory words connected with ‘black’ should be withdrawn. Black is a beautiful colour and black people are also beautiful just like others. There can not be any discrimination between the black and white or with any other colour.