More than 10 lakh bank workers will be going on strike on 22nd August 2017 on the call of the United Form of Bank Unions (UFBU), against the decision to merge the banks, privatisation of banks etc. As usual, the strike will be full success with all the banks closed, as is usual with the bank strikes. UFBU includes all the unions/associations in the banks.

The government is making all out efforts to destroy the public banks and hand over them to private. De-nationalisation of banks is its slogan. Recently it was reported that the Prime Minister told that all the PSUs are born to die. It can said in another way that the government is going to privatise or close the whole PSUs, which strengthened the country economically and helped India to  pass over from the 2007-8 world economic crisis.

Full solidarity and support to the strike of the Bank Workers! The government should withdraw from the attacks on the Banks and their employees.!