The last two years have seen an increase of the right wing in Germany, probably due to the migrant issue as well as economic slow down. That may be the reason for the appearance of ‘Swastika’ sign in many places, which sign has been banned in Germany as it was a reminder of the Nazi days. Swastika was the sign of the Nazi Party headed by Hitler.

The appearance of the hated Nazi sign in many places have put alarm among the German people. The reaction has come fast. All these newly posted Swatikas are being covered up by graffiti artists by painting flowers, trees, animals, cars etc.on the swastika. Rabbits, Bids, Rubik’s Cube etc. are also painted. Instead of the hated ‘Swastika’ sign, signs  of love and humour are  painted.

Congratulations to the German people and the graffiti artists who is spreading the message of hope and love instead of hate and fascist trends. (Based on a report in Hindu dated 20-08-2017)