19th August 2017 is the 69th death anniversary of Comrade P.Krishna Pillai, one of the founder leaders of the Communist Party in Kerala. He left us on 19th August 1948, at the young age of 42 years, due to snake bite, while working under ground to avoid arrest.

Com. P.Krishna Pillai was affectionately called as ‘COMRADE’ by all his comrades, friends and followers. From very young age’ he was attracted to the freedom movement and became part of it, through Congress. It was only natural for him to become a Communist and a leader. He led many struggles against untouchability, injustice and for the cause of the workers. He was brutally assaulted several times by the police and was jailed. He was one of the best organisers, the party has ever seen. He laid the foundation for the Communist Party in Kerala.

On this 69th death anniversary, various programmes are organised state wide in his memory. He will always be  an inspiration for fighting against injustice and for the upliftment of the downtrodden, especially in the present situation, when the ruling classes ares aggressively implementing the neo-liberal policies and intolerance.

Red Salute to Comrade Krishna Pillai!