It seems that the Modi Government will go to any extent for helping the corporates and the big private business. The latest is the government order making it mandatory for any metro rail project to have private participation.

The Central Cabinet has adopted a new policy for expanding and regulating metro rail projects, in which it is mandatory for private participation. The success of the metro projects in Delhi, Kolkata  and other metro cities and the collections being received has been in the eyes of the corporates and private business for some time. The central government, which is always for enriching the corporates has now made this new policy of mandatory private participation in metro projects. It is to be read in connection with the privatisation of the hundreds of railway stations and handing over the huge land assets to them for minting money.

The policy also stipulates for profitable projects. Of course, when private participation is there, it should be profitable, since the corporates should not be made to lose their funds for social responsibility.