Lakhs of workers from all parts of the country will be sitting on Maha Dharna for 3 days from 9th to 11th November 2017 in Delhi against the anti-people, anti-worker policies of the Central Government and on the major demands of the people and the working class. An Indefinite strike will follow, the date of which will be decided later. These are the main declarations of the massive convention of workers held at New  Delhi on 8th August, as per the call of the Central Trade Unions.

The Workers Convention was presided over by K.Hemalatha (CITU), Ashok Singh (INTUC), Ramendra Kumar (ATUC), S.N.Pathak (HMS), Sathyawan Singh (AIIUTUC), Latha (SEWA), Uday Bhatt (AICCTU), V.Subburamn (LPF) and Shatrujih Singh (UTUC).

The Convention was addressed and guidelines given by Tapan Sen (CITU), Amarjit Kaur (AITUC), Sanjeeva Reddy (INTUC),Harbhajan Singh (HMS),Shankar Saha (AIUTUC), Manali (SEWA), Rajeev Dimri (AICCTU), M.Shanmukhan (LPF) and N.K.Premachandran (UTUC).

All central trade unions, except BMS, participated in the convention. After BJP  government has come in to power, BMS has been keeping away from the common programmes, for reasons well known to them.

In addition to the central trade unions, confederations/federations/unions/associations of workers from various sectors like Central/state governments, public sector, private sector etc. participated. The Talkatora Stadium where the convention was held was overflowing with delegates and hundreds had to stand outside the stadium.

Massive propaganda is to be organised well before the Maha Dharna at New Delhi in all centres jointly by the trade unions. It will really be a storming of the India’s capital city, Delhi.