I was invited today to inaugurate the Hunger Strike in front of Kozhikode PMG Office organised by the All India Postal Casual,Part-time Contingency Contract Workers Federation demanding payment of arrears of wages due from 2006 and 2016 onwards. Orders are issued, but not implemented even after months. Most of the participants were part-time and contingency workers engaged in the Post Offices to sweep and clean the offices including the toilets. Many of them are engaged for about one hour to two hours daily so and is paid a pittance of Rs. 1,000 or so in a month.

This is most cruel and brutal exploitation. These workers have to spend much time to reach the office and go back, work mostly more than the time engaged and do some additional works in the office. But the wages are for one hour or two. Wages for part-time should be paid at least for four hours ie. half a day, so that the worker gets something to maintain a family.

My congratulations to NFPE and AIPCPCCCWF for taking up the issues these downtrodden workers seriously. The Department of Posts should be made to pay reasonable wages to these workers. We express our full solidarity to the fully justified struggle.