Arvind Pangaria, the Vice-Chairman of Niti Ayog, has resigned the post and is going back as Professor to Columbia University, a prestigious private University in New York, US. He was on leave for two years to take up the job of Vice-Chairman, NITI Ayog, on the invitation of Prime Minister Modi, to speed up the reforms of Indian economy.

He has done his job ‘well’ as required by the government. He recommended the privatisation / closure of many PSUs, including Air India, BSNL, MTNL, BEML etc. etc. labour reforms curtailing the hard won rights of the workers and other such proposals in implementing the anti-worker neo-liberal policies of the government. He has worked in IMF and World Bank, which are the instruments of the imperialist and capitalist countries to exploit the developing and poor nations like India.He worked in the Asian Development Bank also.

Not only the left trade unions, but even BMS, the trade union arm of BJP, was compelled to demand the dissolution of NITI Ayog for its anti-worker recommendations.

Pangaria has left, but the NITI Ayog continues. Which IMF/World Bank/WTO  expert is going to be appointed as the new Vice-Chairman? Certainly Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is also the Chairman of the NITI Ayog, will find a suitable expert to the post, who will continue the anti-people recommendations as give by Pangaria.