The book value of BSNL’s landed properties are pegged at Rs.975 crore. However, the recent valuation of BSNL’s landed properties reveal that, the value of one third of BSNL’s landed properties alone come to Rs.65,000 crore. These one third landed properties are located in the major cities of the country. The land at New Delhi in which the Corporate Office is located alone is valued at Rs.2,500 crore. This valuation was done as per the new “Indian Accounting Standard”, for which the consultant KPMG was engaged by BSNL. This information was disclosed to the PTI by shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL. (Courtesy: BSNLEU website)

Privatisation of PSUs means handing over these large tracts of land of the PSUs to the private corporates for real estate purposes. According to the government, the entire BSNL’s assets are worth only Rs. 975 crores and the selling price will be with this calculation. The corporates will reap huge profit.

But one thing. The united force of the BSNL workers will fight to the last against any privatisation of BSNL! The government could not implement disinvestment in BSNL so far, they could not implement VRS and unbundling of copper cables. If the workers stand united, it will be not easy for the government to implement their anti-national designs.