The NITI Ayog and the Central health Ministry has mooted for privatisation of select services in the government district hospitals by handing over sufficient space / land and also one tine free seed money to set up the infrastructure. The proposal  is to privatise the costly treatment of three non-communicable diseases ie. Cardiac disease, pulmonary disease and cancer care. Others may follow.

This proposals or decisions are dangerous in that the people will not be getting free treatment in the government hospitals for these diseases. Further they will have to pay very high charges for the private treatment.

The intention of the government is very clear. Allot acres of land to the private companies to utilise the same for constructing buildings etc. as also utilise the government buildings for treatment etc. and mint money as real estate. Secondly, the three diseases now mentioned are very costly and they can fleece the patients. There will be no free treatment. Government money will be granted for the infrastructure. This is a very dangerous trend affecting the health of the people and has to be strongly  opposed and defeated.

Congratulations to the Kerala LDF government which has strongly opposed and declared that it will not implement the Central government proposal to privatise the government hospitals.