The total telecom subscribers in India has crossed 120 crore in May 2017 according to TRAI. From 1,19.89 crores in April, it increased to 120.49 in May 2017.
There was an increase of 66.2 lakh connections in Mobile. Loss of 1.4 lakh in landline subscribers.
Total wireless subscribers increased by 0.53 per cent to 1,180.82 million at the end of May from 1,174.60 million at the end of April.
BSNL increased 13.5 lakhs connection in the period. (output from TRAI).

India’s population is above 130 crores., It will seem that almost everybody has got a phone. It is not so. Many people are having two or more phones. There are still many crores of people who do not have a phone.