We have been continuously telling that after privatisation of Airports, the passengers are being fleeced by increasing  rates of every article inside the airports, including refreshments. In addition, the companies were charging Airport fee (User Development Fee) from every passenger, whether domestic or international both for departing and arriving passengers.

In Delhi Airport run by DIAL, it was charging Rs. Rs. 245 – Rs. 490 from departing domestic passengers and Rs.  207 -415 from arriving passengers. In the international sector, this was  Rs. 565 – Rs. 1131 for departing and Rs. 462 to Rs. 933 for arriving passengers.

Now at last, the Central government has acted. It has ordered that the unjustified higher UDF should be reduced by 89%. This will mean that the present UDF for international departure will be Rs. 45 and domestic. Rs. 10. There will be no arrival charges.

It is to be understood that how much lakhs of crores of rupees might have been cheated by the DIAL during the last many years in the name of UDF.

The case of other private airports also should be examined.