The draft of the Labour Code on Social Security Benefits amalgamating 15 existing laws/acts has been placed in public domain by the Labour Ministry for comments, views etc. The proposals of the ministry are against the interests of the workers and takes away many of the existing rights and benefits. Certain points connected with the same are given below:

  1. Threshold of the workers for availing of the social security benefits have been increased to factories engaging 40 or more workers. At present it is 10 in some cases and 15 in others. This will result in that about 75 % workers will be deprived of the social security benefits.
  2. 12.5% of wages will have to be contributed by the workers. But there is no contribution from the employers. Self employed have to contribute 20%.
  3. Unorganised workers have to contribute in the same way as organised workers.
  4. Govt. is empowered to exempt any section of workers from the benefits.
  5. Existing welfare Schemes will be faced out. But what about in future is yet to be clearly spelt out.
  6. No provision for temporary withdrawals from EPF etc. as at present.
  7. When there is no work, the worker will be excluded from the benefits.
  8. The representation of the central trade unions in the committees will be reduced from the present six (major six central TUs) to two, making the committees one sided.

The above is only illustrative. There are many other conditions which take away the existing benefits won through years of struggles and court cases.

The new Labour Code on Social Security is a fraud and deception on the workers. This has got to be fought and defeated. Better benefits should be won for the workers.

(With input from the CITU Statement)