Labour Minister  Bandaru Dattatreya

The Labour Ministry of the Central government has put in its website, the draft of the Third Labour Code, which is going to be introduced in the Parliament.

Though it is stated that this Labour Code is being introduced to improve social security, codify the existing labour etc. the intention is to liberalise the labour rules, meaning to reduce and take the existing rights with  regard to EPF, ESI and other social security measures for the majority of the workers. This has been the demands of the employers and corporates for some time.

It is to be noted that this draft has been made ready. despite strong protest raised by all the Central Trade Unions. If this is implemented, a major portion of the workers will lose all social security measures and will be at the mercy of the employers.

Mighty protest should come from the working class and people’s representatives to ensure that  the proposed anti-worker clauses of the draft Bill is dropped.