While participating / attending Conferences, Classes, meetings, debates etc. a question used to come to my mind. What exactly should be the time for the speeches, debates etc.  by the various participants.

In these functions, there will usually be a President/ Chairman, a person inaugurating, other speakers and the persons welcoming and proposing vote of thanks etc. Some times, the meeting continues for hours together. All the speakers take maximum time, putting the audience in to inconvenience. They may not express it in words, but the expression on their faces will be a clear indication.

It is the responsibility of the organisers to plan how much time it will take for the programme and how the time is to be divided for the various speeches etc. The main speaker may take 45 minutes to one hour at the most. It is quite sufficient to express the major points and the full attention of the house will be there. If notes are prepared in advance, the time can be well adjusted. Most of our speakers are capable of speaking continuously for two or three hours covering each and every aspect of the subject, but that is not required. There are other speakers, who will add the additional points.

Repeating the same points by raised by the earlier speakers is not necessary. If unavoidable mention the point briefly only. Each speaker has to remember about the speakers who are yet to speak and give time to them.

It will be advisable if the programme along with the name of the speakers and the time allotted is circulated in advance to all the speakers. There is nothing wrong in it and is a good system.

In the case of classes or a single speech, the time can be more than one hour and even up to two hours. All aspects of the issue are presented by the same speaker.

Another aspect is the starting and ending of the programme as planned. Organizers as well as the speakers have to take care of the same.

The audience will appreciate a well arranged and conducted programme.