” Those connected historically and culturally to the idea of a Hindu Rashtra are, today, promulgating their passionately held philosophy in different ways, dispersed incidents, apparently unconnected, in ways that make a Muslim feel fearful, a Christian feel as light as a leaf that can be blown off by a single majoritarian breath, a liberal feel vulnerable, a dissident feel rattled. They make the cattle-trader afraid, the non-vegetarian at his meal declare it is not, please, Sir, not beef. They go to make the journalist feel hesitant, the farmer feel betrayed,  the Dalit and tribal feel insecure. Above all, any one hurt by administrative wrongdoing or dismayed by state policy feel afraid to say so far: If you are against the government, you are against the nation.”

This quotation is from the article “The anniversary of a divide” written  by Gopalakrishna Gandhi former Governor and Diplomat published  in “The Hindu” dated 16th June 2017.

Yes, the situation is grave with the Modi Government and the Sangh Parivar trying to change India in to a Hindu Rashtra and authoritarian.

Resist it with all our might and fight.