Kerala LDF Government has completed one year. During this year, Kerala has achieved many Firsts in the country:

  1. First in Law and Order in the country as per India Today National Survey.
  2. First in improvement of development in various sectors as per India Today States of State Award.
  3. First in providing comprehensive programmes to resist life-style diseases.
  4. First in reserving jobs for the transgender. (in Chin Metro)
  5. First state with least corruption as per studies conducted by Centre for Media Studies.
  6. First in Public Affairs Index, which is an indication of best governance, as per PCA Service 2017.
  7. First in providing labour benefits including Insurance to the migrant workers as per report of the Latin American Television Channel Telesur.
  8. First in least death at child birth as per National Family Health Survey.
  9. First fully electrified state in India.
  10. First in fully toilet provided state.
  11. The only state in India where the S/C, S/T  are provided facilities as er population percentage.
  12. The state with the least injustice and attack against the dalits as per the Central Minister for Social Justice.
  13. Police Excellence Reward received from the Cops  Today International.

These are in addition to the 100% Literacy, Higher Minimum Wages for the labourers, Pension of Rs. 1,1000 for all those who are above 60 and having no other pension etc. etc.  While almost all the state PSUs became loss making, during the last one year, the LDF government had made 10 of these PSUs in to profit making. Text Books and Uniforms are supplied free to school going children as also noon meals.

The Left and Left and Democratic Front Governments in Kerala since the first Left Government of Com. EMS Namboodiripad in 1957 have shown a clear path of best governance for the people. The present LDF government is moving fast in the same path.

Congratulations to the Pinarayi Government!