Today, 5th June, is the World Environment Day, which is observed through out the world by nature friendly actions. It is being celebrated by planting trees, cleaning lakes and tanks, initiating fresh projects for waste disposal, safeguarding the environment etc. etc. The Paris Agreement signed by 195 countries  for reduction of carbon emission in each country was a great step in this connection. Unfortunately the withdrawal from the agreement by US President Donad Trump is a step backward, which has been strongly criticised by one and all.

The LDF Government in  Kerala led by Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan has taken a series of well planned programmes in safeguarding the nature and environment. One crore saplings will be planted today in the state through  involvement of people, students, employees etc. Old lakes/tanks etc. are being renovated and new rain pits for conserving water will be constructed. School children are observing the day with various positive actions. These are being done under the ‘Haritha Keralam’ and such projects of the government. Saplings are being supplied.

Each and every citizen has a role in saving the environment and nature from destruction. Safe environment is a condition for the existence of life.