The privatisation mania of the Modi Government is going to cost the people dear. Earlier, the centre used to say that the loss making PSUs will be privatised. Now it is going on with massive privatisation of all the PSUs.

23 major Railway Stations, including Kozhikode and Chennai are identified for sale to the private companies and the tender is being finalised. NITI Ayog has recommended and Civil Aviation Minister is moving for  sale of Air India. Defence Equipment PSU, BEML is being strategically sold. NITI Ayog has recommended a similar fate to BSNL.

All these PSUs/Government Departments are considered as important areas connected with the security of India. BSNL was not allowed to buy Chinese equipment citing security risk.

Now the national importance or security concerns are all gone. Only one thing is there. That is to sell these important institutions to the private companies for increasing their  (corporates) profit. The people, who are the real owners will lose heavily. The services will cost much more. The national wealth is looted. It is all in the name of modernisation, reducing the loss etc. etc.

There is no other way but to oppose and defeat these anti-national decisions and save the precious PSUs. It is heartening to note that the central trade unions and the national federations have come together to fight this menace.