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Recent reports in the press indicates that India has overtaken China in population and is the most populated country in the world. India’s population has crossed 130 crore while that of China is only around 129 crores. The official figures of both are yet to be released.

China’s one child law has controlled the population to a certain extend. When the government realised that the present system is resulting in lowering the % of young people, it has decided to give permission for more than one child to couples in special cases.

Though the two children policy is still there in India, there are many who do not stick to the norm. Of course, there are many who have only one child. The result is that the population increase as a regular norm.

When resources are less and population more, crores of people are compelled to live in poverty and hardship. Further, even the available resources are cornered by the rich and corporates, further downgrading the people.

In the capitalist system, there is no solution to such problems of the people. Socialism is the only remedy.