The 2017 WFTU APRO meeting started on 20th May 2017 in the city of Chennai India hosted by AIBEA India with the participation of 13 countries affiliates of WFTU and 45 trade unions from all Asia Pacific area.

The meeting is conducted by cde Mahadevan Deputy general secretary of WFTU and director of APRO. In the meeting are also present with important speeches cde Swadesh Dev Roye, deputy general secretary of the WFTU and the presidential council members from the area.

The WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos has spoken today, May 20th at the APRO Meeting, giving the full picture of the international trade union movement.

The WFTU General Secretary pointed the daily tasks and challenges of the working class, he underlined the need of strengthening the APRO with many activities in all countries and the importance of the trade union formation and training.

The WFTU General Secretary in his speech gave the guidelines of the declarations of the 17th World Trade Union Congress.(Report from WFTU)