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The trade unions and the people of Kozhikode are strongly opposing the government decision to hand over the Kozhikode Railway Station to private business. It is being done in the name of modernising the station, but in fact is a real estate business offered to private companies. 4.39  acres of railway land will be allotted on lease for 45 years or more to the company at the rate of Re.1 for one square metre.  The company can built malls, hotels and other such facilities. But the charges will be sky high as already seen when the airports were privatised. There will be no space to develop the infrastructure of the station. This is nothing but a sell out of this important 129 years old station to the private.

In the massive meeting held at the railway station premises on 11th May 2017, all the trade unions and service organisations, except BMS, participated and opposed the privatization move. CITU, INTUC, HMS, AITUC and other Central trade union leaders were present as also the service organisations. I also spoke on the occasion and mentioned about the struggles organised in BSNL against disinvestment and privatization.

The Action Committee formed against the privatisation of the Kozhikode Railway Station has planned many agitational programmes. The ill-move of the government has to be opposed and defeated.