There is no parallel for the historical and glorious strike of the Railway workers in May 1974, which continued for more than three weeks. The strike was to start from 8th May 1974, but the arrest of the leaders including Com. George Fernandez, Secretary General of AIRF, resulted in the strike a few days earlier. The entire railways system collapsed due to the strike. Thousands of trains were stranded due to the strike.

The government used all its repressive machinery against the workers. 5 comrades became martyrs. Lakhs of workers were arrested, jailed, dismissed and terminated. Railway colonies were closed, family members evacuated, electricity cut and even women and children attacked. It was a saga of struggle and sacrifice.

P&T Employees and other central government employees in Kerala, Bengal etc. participated for three days, but could not continue due to repression.

8th May 2017 is the 43rd anniversary of this great struggle. On this day we remember those martyrs and other comrades who challenged the government and fought for their rights including Bonus!