The Central Executive Committee meeting of the BSNLCCWF held at New Delhi on 19th April 2017 (with the participation of available members), has called upon the workers to organise May Day on 1st May 2017, by hoisting the red flag of the Federation and demanding the BSNL Management to urgently implement the increased wages for the casual and contract workers.

The wages of the Casual labour are to be paid at the rate of Rs. 18,000 per month as recommended by VII CPC and accepted by the government for the Group D employees. The contract workers are to be paid Rs. 350 to Rs. 693 per day ( different for unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled and highly skilled and also for C class, B class and A class cities) as per the order dated 17-03-2017 issued by the Chief Labour Commissioner.  BSNLCCWF had already met the CLC and BSNL Management demanding early implementation.

Make maximum effort for making the May Day Programme a great success. Participate in the joint demonstration etc. with other trade unions.