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International Labour Organisation (ILO) has ranked India at 121 out of 131 countries in Female Labour Force Participation (FLFP) with an abysmal 27%, which means out of 100 jobs, only 27 jobs are with women. Nepal has got FLFP of 79.9%, China 63.9%, Bangladesh 57.4%, 56.3% in US, 50.8% in European countries and 35.1% in Sri Lanka. The few countries which are below India include Pakistan 24.6% and Arab countries 23.3%.
The jobless women in India are mainly in rural area. It is also reported that the FLFP is continuously reducing in India. In the Central government, as reported in this blog yesterday, the ratio between men and women workers were 9.15 : 1. Lack of education among women in backward rural areas is one reason.

The continued governments at the centre have not paid any serious attention to this matter. Government of India and State governments have to seriously tackle the issue.