60 years have passed after the formation of Kerala State. The first Kerala ministry under Com. EMS Namboodiripad was formed on 5th April 1957. It was also the first Communist ministry in the country. The news had its impact in the whole world.

Com.EMS can be proud that the idea of Aikya Kerala, in the formation of which he had taken initiative, has been fulfilled and he had been the its first Chief Minister. But that was not the only achievement.

The major achievement of the ministry was the progressive land reforms, which saw real land reforms. In the Congress ruled states also there were land reforms, but it was only partly implemented and chances were given to the landlords to somehow keep their large areas of land. Another achievement of the reforms was in the education including payment of salary to the teachers, who were being exploited by the greedy managers.

There are many such achievements to the credit of the EMS Ministry. Congress and communal forces were afraid that if the ministry is allowed to complete its five year term, it will be impossible for them to defeat the Communists in future. Hence the ‘Vimochana Samaram'(‘Liberation Struggle’) under the gang up of Congress, religious institutions and even with imperialist forces. Before completion of five years term, EMS Ministry was dismissed by the President on the advice of the Pandit Jawharlal Nehru government.

Sixty years are over after the formation of the first EMS Ministry. Looking back and also looking  in to the present situation, it can be firmly stated that the impact of the first EMS Ministry is still there. LDF and UDF governments have been in power alternately for many years. The difference is well known to the people. It is only with the help of the communal parties that UDF is able to win. As a single political party CPI(M) is far ahead of any other party.

The present LDF government under Pinarayi Vijayan is continuing the pro-people policies to make the state towards further progress. Let us get inspiration from the first Communist Government for further progress.

Is it a coincidence that the first EMS Ministry was formed in the centenary year of the “First Indian War of Independence  1857”? In fact, the first shot against the British officer by Sepoy Mangal Pandey was fired on 29th March 1857, almost exactly  one century back.