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Central Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya has stated that ‘ all political parties must support the labour reforms’ being brought by the government. This statement gets most significance, especially that it is made after the massive win for BJP in UP assembly elections.

The government wants that the existing 45 or so labour acts should be reduced to 4 labour codes in the name of simplifying the labour acts. But in fact, it is much more. The government proposes to address the concerns of the employers who want the labour laws to be amended to suit their requirements including ‘hire and fire’. Many of the social security benefits, won by the workers through hard struggles and by the intervention of judiciary, are being trampled upon by the employers and now they want the acts and rules to be amended to suit them.

The Central Trade Unions have strongly opposed the anti-labour amendments and protest actions including strike have taken place. But the government is moving with its anti-labour agenda. Of course, it is the government of the corporates and will give most importance to their agenda. It is pertinent to point out here that more than 75 % of the BJP MLAs elected now in U.P. are crorepatis.

The working class has to unitedly fight these anti-worker moves of the government.