Usually there are more complaints against Delhi Police than compliments. But I had a different and pleasant experience yesterday.

Usually I go to the Deshabhimani office in V.P.House from my residence in Atul Grove Road, in the evening to get a copy of the day’s issue of the daily ‘Deshabhimani’ being published from Kerala. It will reach Delhi Office by about 4.00 PM. Yesterday( 27th January 2017) also I went to the office and got a copy of the daily of 25th. (26th was holiday being Republic Day). While walking back to my residence, I had to cross the Asoka Road, which is very busy with traffic continuously moving. I stood at the place where I have to cross having zebra lines. No vehicle was stopping and was going fast without giving a chance to cross. Then all of a sudden, the police constable who was standing on the other side of the road came this side, stopped the traffic and helped me to cross the half portion. Then he stopped the traffic on the other side and helped me to cross the other side also. I could cross the busy road with the assistance of the police constable. When I thanked, he smiled in a way indicating that it is his duty to help persons like me.

I was delighted to have such a nice experience from the Delhi Police. Thank you Delhi Police!