The Central Governments is moving for closure/ privatisation of BSNL. Why?

1. According to the policy of Govt.’Business is not the business of govt.’It wants all the PSUs to be closed or privatised.

2. Private telcos can maximise their profit only by removing BSNL from the scene and increasing the charges at least tenfold.

3. BSNL has got maximum prime land in the heart of each and every city, after Railways,  coming to thousands and thousands of hectares.This can be captured by corporates once BSNL is finished. 

4. The political bosses will have their ever biggest cut in covert and overt dealings.

It is the customers, common people and workers who will lose. This attack has to be opposed, resisted and defeated. There is no time to lose. A mighty resistance movement and struggle is the only way to defeat this game plan.