Some delegate comrades in the Chennai AIC of BSNLEU were happy to celebrate the New Year Day 2017 with comrades at the Conference place, while some other delegates were missing their near and dear ones on the New Year Day. The Conference was from 31st December 2016 to 3rd January 2017.

Incidentally, many conferences of the P&T Unions were held earlier in the same way as can be seen below:

  1. Federal Council of NFPTE at Calcutta from 28th December 1955 to 2nd January 1956
  2. Federal Council at Hyderabad from 26th December 1956 to 1st January 1957
  3. Federal Council at Jaipur from 26th to 31st December 1958
  4. Federal Council at Madras from 27th December 1963 to 1st January 1964
  5. All India Conference of E.III Union at Calcutta from 29th December 1981 to 1st January 1982.

So, it is almost a tradition with P and T Unions to hold the Conferences from the last of December to the first of January.