Com.K.G.Bose ( 07.07.1921 – 11.12.1974)

It was on this day, 11th December, 42 years back, that our beloved revolutionary leader Com. K.G.Bose left us. He was one of the tallest leader of the Central Government employees movement and that of Posts and Telegraph Employees in particular. He fought against revisionism and successfully changed the direction to militant trade unionism. He sacrificed his entire life for the cause of the workers.

I had the privilege of meeting him several times and seeking his  guidance. His timely intervention helped me and few other comrades from being dismissed for resorting to a local strike in 1964. His simple life, closeness with the workers, firm conviction in the working class ideology and correct leadership – these helped the movement to go forward.

O this 42nd death anniversary, we pay respectful homage to the memory of Com.K.G.Bose! Red Salute to Comrade K.G.Bose!